Rock and Roll Beauty


Rock and Roll Beauty is a privately owned company that started with the idea of bringing the founders love for music together with their passion for creating unique beauty products. Bring pop culture to life in a new collaboration made for fans, by the fans.

Rock and Roll Beauty marries nostalgia with talented designers creating limited edition collections skilfully curated to encompass the uniqueness of each artist.

Grooving into our first launch celebrating Jimi Hendrix and his ground-breaking musical genius and personal style through a far out makeup collection for true Voodoo fans. Taking you on a psychedelic trip back to the '60s with one of a kind products.


Paul Desiderioscioli

A die-hard RUSH fan and avid concerts goer who has attended 300+ live shows across genres founded Rock and Roll Beauty with the idea of bringing his love for entertainment to the beauty industry. After creating the first ever Marvel Avengers Cosmetic line he wanted to bring that same excitement to Rock and Roll Beauty fans.

Marc Hayes

A die-hard U2 fan and concerts goer who has attended 200+ concert wanted to use his passion for music and product development to create a unique brand that would appeal to fans of all ages. Working with beauty startups in the past Marc brings his passion for music along with developing unique products to Rock and Roll Beauty fans.